Volkhard's astrological consultations are grounded on methods of Traditional Astrology. Inspired by the english astrologer John Frawley, he discovered the classical rules of the art as a strong foundation for solid astrological work.

In recent years many significant astrological texts from classical or medieval times have been translated and published, especially in English language. By that, today's astrologers have the opportunity to make certain anew the ground, on which they work today.

Volkhard has started his voyage into Astrology in the 1990s with some books about modern Psychological Astrology. From 2001 on, he attended a fundamental training course in Berlin with Iris Breuert, but also numerous intensive seminars, above all with Liz Greene in Zurich and London, but also with other well-known teachers like Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Mona Riegger, Louise Kirsebohm and Johan Hjelmborg. They still have an influence on his current astrological practice.

In 2006 he got in contact with the books of John Frawley. Since then the focus of his work has changed to Traditional Astrology. 2007 and 2008 he attended the Real Astrology Conferences and Seminars with John Frawley in Fulda, Germany, and Buelach near Zurich, Switzerland. Above all, he became more involved in Horary Astrology.

Volkhard has translated some books by John Frawley into German: The Horary Textbook – Revised Edition (Apprentice Books 2016) and Sports Astrology (Skandro-Verlag 2008) as well as seminar transcripts on Electional Astrology and Natal Astrology (Skandro-Verlag 2007 and 2009, not published in English). Further, he edited the German translation of The Real Astrology Applied (Skandro-Verlag 2012).

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