The astrological consultation is totally focused on your concerns and your questions:

Life Readings (the Birth Chart):

The foundation for all astrological advice is your birth chart. It displays the groundwork of your life. All statements and conclusions on current or future subjects of life through astrological prognosis techniques (progressions, solar and lunar returns or transits) derive from here:

  • Analysis of the birth chart: Who am I?
  • Short term forecast: the issues of the next 12 months to come.
  • Long term forecast: the issues of the coming years.

Further we can investigate certain fields of life:

  • Love, Relating, Partnership
  • Profession and Vocation
  • Money and Wealth
  • Children and Parents
  • Health and Prevention
  • Home, Relocation, Travel.

Special Questions (the Horary Chart):

Horary Astrology, as an old traditional technique, is primarily concerned with practical questions of everyday life, apart from birth chart. Often it can provide surprisingly detailed answers on questions like:

  • Will my boyfriend marry me?
  • How is my daughter?
  • Will my kitten recover?
  • Should I buy this flat?
  • Will I get the job?
  • Is it a good idea to go to Cuba for a holiday?
  • Where are my lost keys?

Elections (Chosing an Appropriate Moment in Time):

Electional Astrology can help you to find a good moment for starting something significant, like:

  • the foundation of an enterprise
  • your wedding
  • the laying of a foundation for your new house
  • the start of a journey around the world.
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