An Astrological Consultation is possible either as a face to face situation or both via Skype or by telephone (in English or German). Upon request, I also answer your questions in written form.

Astrology offers a wide range of consulting:

analysis of the personality
current life situation
specific separate questions
choosing an appropriate moment in time

and much more.

Most astrological readings are based on the birth chart. It makes sense to start with its analysis:

Which are the main patterns of your personality,
which abilities and talents are given to you,
which are the tasks you are most probably confronted with during your lifetime?

To cast a birth chart, the following information is required:

the exact date of birth
the birthplace (if necessary the next larger town)
the time of birth, as exact as possible (birth certificate).

The exact time of birth is very important to cast the right chart of the native. In many countries, the official birth certificate has to include the time of birth. Further sources may be hospitals or clerical files. Or ask mother, father or relatives of the native.

As the amount of information is often difficult to completely absorb all at once, the consultation will be recorded and provided to you as an audio file to create a re-listening opportunity in your own time. 

On the next page you can find further information on the various consulting services in more detail.

Or book a free preliminary talk.

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