"Hello dear Volkhard, thank you again for the 2 hours Astrological Consultation yesterday. It helped me to calm down, and I am glad that I did it. It has encouraged me to accept myself as I am and also to deal with all issues which bother me."
Leonie F., Berlin

"The Astrological Sessions with you, Volkhard, do me good. From time to time, I listen again the recordings of the sessions; always short significant phrases keep staying with me which give me strength and energy. Especially the sense behind the words...... Thanks a lot dear Volkhard ;-)"
Esther R., Switzerland

"Hello Mr. Roeseler, I had an Astrological Consultation with you in July last year. You encouraged me a lot – thank you again for that! A year has passed now and I would like to inform you that almost everything you told me has come true. I'm very happy about that. Although some things happened after a two week delay, I am still surprised how precisely you described the whole situation to me. And every time I listen to the recording of the consultation, I'm once again glad that I have found the way to you."
Gabi K., Berlin

"In his sensitive and powerful openness in which Volkhard Roeseler approached me in the Astrological Consultations, he transmitted – in his profound personal way – the main concern of his work: the Joy of Life."
Christine S., Berlin

"Hi Volkhard, I am fascinated by your Astrological Consultation. I've listened to the recording already twice, and so far everything has been accurate. I will make a little calender for myself to follow your predictions."
Juliane R., Berlin

"The Astrological Readings by Volkhard were always of great benefit to me and have clearly supported me to continue in the particular situation. His way of explaining contexts in an intricate language in a competent and caring way, yet remain comprehensible to a non-professional is unique. Every session has supported me on my way, has lightened me up even in difficult situations and has improved my understanding of the broader context. Personally I feel very comfortable with his holistic and spiritual view which flow into his work. I "warmly" recommend Volkhard."
Doris G., St. Leon-Rot (near Heidelberg, Germany)

"For those who expect the astrologer to take ones own decisions to solve ones own problems, this is definitely the wrong place. For those who see astrology as a tool for personal growth to live ones life powerfully by ones own standards, Volkhard Roeseler's consultation can be an inspiring invisible company through life. Often, the full effect becomes visible only later, many times when least expected. The true "session" starts only after the session, this is what Volkhard's work supports."
Uwe W., Montevideo (Uruguay)

"I have experienced Volkhard Roeseler in Astrological Consultations and facilitating Family Constellations. I recommend Volkhard very much to my clients."
Susanne R., Berlin

"I talk a lot about your work – especially because I feel understood by you. I get clear and thorough support and explanations from you. As an astrologer I sense you always very well prepared. Your advice is holistic – always witty. I experiences your way as sensitive, but also direct if necessary."
Michaela S., Hessen (Germany)

"The Astrological Chart Reading with Volkhard Roeseler was very rewarding for me and an exceptional experience – also compared to my positive experiences in this area so far. My birth data and questions have been elaborated very thoroughly and professionally. I was especially impressed by the intuitive and sensitive approach of Mr. Roeseler in which he responded very well to spontaneously arising questions and aspects. I very much liked that the consultation was recorded so that I could rework and deepen many things. I sensed the consultation with Mr. Roeseler as very personal, professional and pleasant. I recommend it very much!"
Nicole M., Seeburg near Berlin

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