"Dear Volkhard, honestly my life started to change rapidly after the family constellation, brought me so much good and made me very busy in private and work life as well.“
Jaroslava S., Berlin

"Hello Mr. Roeseler, the private Constellation of last Monday is continueing to have a super effect on me, and I am strangely optimistic that everything in my soul will become whole again. Your caring way of leading has done me very good. Many thanks from my heart for this expeience."
Brit L., Berlin

"Thank you Volkhard for the wonderful evening with Family Constellations! It continues to suprise me. And it enriches my soul. You have lead us very well! Best wishes and lots of appreciation for your healing work!
Heike M., Berlin

"Dear Volkhard, I would like to express my gratitude for the constellation. It had a beautifully calm character to it (as far as it is possible in solving conflicts...). For a long time I felt inspired by that experience, and often I still like to think back to it. Your decision to start with my father was right on. I had long forgotten one of the most significant facts of my life, the Family Constellation brought it back into clarity."
A. S., Berlin

"From the beginning I experienced Volkhard Roeseler's Rebalancing as a blessing. Very soon it was clear to me: This man has good hands. After a coordinated series of 10 sessions my discomforts were been gone (back, shoulders, neck), my body was in balance again. I now enjoy this state now for three quarters of a year. – For me Volkhard is characterized by his sensitivity and clarity which he includes into his work in a fruitful way. I felt cocooned in a soothing way."
J. T., Berlin

"Dear Volkhard, I would like to thank you warmly again for your accompaniment and support during the weekend with Family Constellations in Lucerne. I want to let you know that i am still processing what my own constellation has shown me. Also, the participation in the other constellations is still having an effect. I appreciate your clear and caring way of leading the constellations as well as your fine sense of perception."
Karin Stettler, Foot Reflexology Therapist, Horw (Switzerland)

"Hello Mr. Roeseler, I had an Astrological Consultation with you in July last year. You encouraged me a lot – thank you again for that! A year has passed now and I would like to inform you that almost everything you told me has come true. I'm very happy about that. Although some things happened after a two week delay, I am still surprised how precisely you described the whole situation to me. And every time I listen to the recording of the consultation, I'm once again glad that I have found the way to you."
Gabi Kirsche, Berlin

"Dear Volkhard, I wanted to give you feedback about the Family Constellation. It was about my brother and in the final constellation concerning all my brothers and sisters. We all met at Christmas and funnily all of my brothers and sisters sat down the same way as they stood in the final constellation. Later, everybody moved and sat beside his or her partner. Both were significant for me: The first image – which I needed to feel my strength, and the second image – as it is now, where everybody has their own place in their own family. That was great! Again, many thanks for the constellation, it did me a lot of good."
Karin M., Berlin

"Volkhard brings such a wealth of experience and caring to his Rebalancing sessions. In my session I felt as if I was in the hands of someone who was totally with my whole self. He brought me to balance and ease - mind and body. I'm very grateful."
Sandra Jensen, Writer, Cork (Irland)

"In his sensitive and powerful openness in which Volkhard Roeseler approached me in the Astrological Consultations, he transmitted – in his profound personal way – the main concern of his work: the Joy of Life."
Christine Schmidt, Psychotherapist, Berlin

"Dear Volkhard, I would like to thank you and all my representatives from the depth of my heart. Thanks to the Family Constellation, I could give up my victim-like attitude eventually, and I could let go my mother internally. I feel deep compassion and tender love for her, a love I always have wished for. On a very deep level, I feel reconciled and at peace. Thank you."
Annemarie Schneider, Berlin

"Thank you again Volkhard for the professional Family Constellation!! There were so many "images" that are healing for me. Also, your phrases along with those emanating out of the field are significant... I was very impressed, how you held the area of tension! Thank you! (You may remember: when the representative for me was asked to turn around her own axis – this is working a lot in me – I’m doing this since years... a lot is happening there!)."
Kathlin Mareia Kastilan, Non-medical Healer, Berlin

"I have experienced Volkhard Roeseler in Astrological Consultations and facilitating Family Constellations. In the latter, problematic themes of my life have been addressed. Every time it was intense and with a lot of emotion. My impression is: just by his sensitive approach – enriched by a good deal of humour – suppressed feelings and experiences get unlocked and can unfold. There are no "mistakes". Nothing gets forced. Indecision is allowed to swing till the right spot in the system is found. I recommend Volkhard very much to my clients."
Susanne Rosenkranz, Space Coach, Berlin

"Dear Volkhard, a warm thank you again for your professional support. The Family Constellation has touched me very much, it was a beautiful experience. I have found some peace. Please let me know if you will offer family constellations in Switzerland again."
Sandra P. (Switzerland)

"Rebalancing.... I still don't know what it actually is. But it doesn't matter. What I do know is that I don't miss any opportunity to get under Volkhard's "healing hands" when I come to Germany and Berlin 3-4 times a year, and if possible more than once. It's not a stroll in the park, because you can't get rid of deposited stress and emotions just by a neat massage. And yet, the rewards are worth it: feeling my legs free, standing grounded and rooted after the session, to walk with poise. It's a real gift which my body always accepts gratefully. Volkhard is a good astrologer, but his real gift is in his hands and how his heart knows to lead them."
Uwe Weihert, Consultant for International Development, currently Montevideo (Uruguay)

Hi Volkhard, I am fascinated by your Astrological Consultation. I've listened to the recording already twice, and so far everything has been accurate. I will make a little calender for myself to follow your predictions."
Juliane Redlich, Berlin

"Dear Volkhard, thank you for this special opportunity to do a Family Constellation with you! One quickly feels open and save with you. It was very moving!"
Elwira H., Master in Education, Berlin

"The Astrological Readings by Volkhard were always of great benefit to me and have clearly supported me to continue in the particular situation. His way of explaining contexts in an intricate language in a competent and caring way, yet remain comprehensible to a non-professional is unique. Every session has supported me on my way, has lightened me up even in difficult situations and has improved my understanding of the broader context. Personally I feel very comfortable with his holistic and spiritual view which flow into his work. I "warmly" recommend Volkhard."
Doris Götzmann, Non-medical Healer, St. Leon-Rot near Heidelberg, Germany

"When facilitating Family Constellations I experience you open and clear at the same time. I like your kind of humour and your heartfelt love for people. It is really pleasing to join your work. Your work is like water soaking into structures – precisely and exactly right at those spots where it is needed. The effect with me is simply being deeply touched, followed by movement. I feel connected and brought down to earth. I move on with the people."
Marion Kainz, Filmmaker and Lecturer, Berlin

"For those who expect the astrologer to take ones own decisions to solve ones own problems, this is definitely the wrong place. For those who see Astrology as a tool for personal growth to live ones life powerfully by ones own standards, Volkhard Roeseler's consultation can be an inspiring invisible company through life. Often, the full effect becomes visible only later, many times when least expected. The true "session" starts only after the session, this is what Volkhard's work supports."
Uwe Weihert, Consultant for International Development, currently Montevideo (Uruguay)

"I like Rebalancing very much. You have the talent to bring me back into my body when was I had gone off again..... At times I sense you to be a bit strict when you remind me of my breath. In total though, I feel that I'm treated by you with very much care and professionalism, though. I can relax very easily."
Dina Tulaszewski, CEO of Cyto-Labor, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, Lich/Ober-Bessingen (Hessen, Germany)

"I talk a lot about your work – especially because I feel understood by you. I get clear and thorough support and explanations from you. As an Astrologer I sense you always very well prepared. Your advice is holistic – always witty. I experiences your way as sensitive, but also direct if necessary. While facilitating Family Constellations you keep calm with your educated view and enormous experience. You keep a clear head and you always stay on top of the things."
Michaela S., Hessen, Germany

"Hello Volkhard, at the moment I'm not drawn to Family Constellation. The reason is that everything is running fine at the moment in this regard, also because the last constellation with you has resolved so much. What was left unsolved, I could clarify with my sister this week without needing another constellation. That's why I'm not coming to your family constellation events at the moment: because my constellation was so effective. That might not be so good for your business, but so much better for me. :)"
K. M., Berlin

"I experience the Family Constellations lead by Volkhard as very revealing and resolving. The energy of unshakable structures and blockages start to flow again in a certain direction. I appreciate very much the way Volkhard accompanies the constellations with great attention!"
Britta Gottschalk, Physiotherapist (Cranio-sacral Therapie), Lich (Hessen)

"Volkhard is very open for an experimental cooperation with me in doing Family Constellation. It is very significant for me that a method and the user of a method agree that I can introduce my own creative ideas into a methodical work. I experience Volkhard in his facilitation of family constellations in that way: ... I am escorted in my personally requested subject creatively, inspiringly, very intuitively and mindfully. I witness Volkhard as a systematic constellation practitioner who is open towards new ideas without letting go of his own way of facilitating family constellations. Working with Volkhard seems to me like a sensitive cooperation instead of "being permanently pushed around" by an authoritative "teacher of family constellations" who always seems to know better. I feel much more comfortable with Volkhard's humour and his lightness."
Manfred Olejnik, Teltow (Brandenburg, Germany)

"I always like your Family Constellations very much because you are mindful and you give the field any freedom it needs. Even though you have a lot of experience, you never speculate where it should go, you never lead it in "your" direction but you allow. I find it a great art to have that kind of patience and trust in the process. You are careful and nevertheless determined. I like to do family constellations with you, and I join the constellations of others."
Dina Tulaszewski, CEO of Cyto-Labor, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, Lich/Ober-Bessingen (Hessen, Germany)

"The Astrological Chart Reading with Volkhard Roeseler was very rewarding for me and an exceptional experience – also compared to my positive experiences in this area so far. My birth data and questions have been elaborated very thoroughly and professionally. I was especially impressed by the intuitive and sensitive approach of Mr. Roeseler in which he responded very well to spontaneously arising questions and aspects. I very much liked that the consultation was recorded so that I could rework and deepen many things. I sensed the consultation with Mr. Roeseler as very personal, professional and pleasant. I recommend it very much!"
Nicole Michels, Non-medical Healer, Berlin

"When facilitating Family Constellations, I experience Volkhard as carefully supporting, someone who guides responsibly and very sensitive and competent – quality seal: very valuable."
Ruth Dittmar, Berlin



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