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      Volkhard Roeseler

          Astrologer and Non-medical Practitioner in Berlin, Germany. 

Volkhard loves to accompagny people through their processes of change. With great experience, compassion, clarity and humour, he supports them in recognising their path, trusting life and feeling in harmony with themselves and the world as a whole.

These are his offers:

        Astrological Counselling 
               personally – clarifying – encouraging
           Family Constellation 
        powerful – warmhearted – solving 

     • Rebalancing Massage 
        careful – relaxing – vitalising

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In general, please make sure that you are free of symptoms if you book a Astrological Counselling in person, a Family Constellation or Rebalancing Massage.

Astrological Counselling are possible, if necessary via telephone or Skype, or as an analysis in written form.
Family Constellations are possible (with respirator mask).
Private constellations are possible (with respirator mask).
Rebalancing Massage sessions are possible. Volkhard will wear a respirator mask during the session.

Free preliminary talks stay possible, in person or on the phone.

Next Events with Family Constellations
in Berlin-Schoeneberg

(Friday, October 9, 7pm – CANCELLED!)
Sunday, November 1, 7pm (new)
Friday, December 4, 7pm

Gefuehlsschule Rubeau, Welserstraße 5-7 in 10777 Berlin. 

Please register in advance.

Private constellations by arrangement.


Volkhard Roeseler – Astrologer and Non-medical Practitioner
Astrological Counsellation – Family Constellation – Rebalancing Massage
Mittenwalder Strasse 29, 10961 Berlin – Tel: +49–30–69 04 25 13 – Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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