Volkhard came in contact with the Family Constellation work in 1997 when he needed help himself. He was at odds with the world and didn't know how to continue. In doing the work – in his own constellations and as a representative for others – peace grew in his soul. He felt, and still feels, doing Family Constellations is very grounding. It supports one in arriving with heart and soul where one is, to take life as it is.

This needs time. One constellation is not the end but the beginning of a healing process. Occasionally, spontaneous healings occur, where an issue disappears instantaneously after the constellation.

Family Constellation as a therapeutic method has been developed mainly by Bert Hellinger. In 2001, Volkhard did an 8 months training lead by Marlis Grzymek-Laule who studied with Hellinger. Since 2002 he leads Family Constellations himself.

As everyone can only work with his or her own soul, every facilitator has his or her own personal way of doing it. If you are uncertain, Volkhard therefore invites you to join the workshops as a participant and/or representative to get a taste how he does the work. Experiential reports of participants you can find under "Feedback of Clients".

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