Private Constellations proceed in the same way as Family Constellations in a group do. The main difference is that there are only two persons present: the client asking for a constellation and the facilitator.

During the constellation the facilitator is stepping into the spots of the different persons and symbols, one after the other, sharing what kind of movement he senses in each spot. Meanwhile, all other positions are marked by placeholders (mostly chairs). The client himself or herself is invited to step into his or her own spot in the constellation.

This form of Family Constellation offers an intimate framework. It has proven efficient especially for people who have difficulties to open up with their subject in front of a group.

Further, some clients see it as advantage that they may get more verbal information about the happenings inside the different persons and symbols being part of a constellation.

Since many years, the Private Constellation has proven successful as an alternative to a Family Constellation in a group, fully valid and powerful.

Private Constellations can also be done via internet connection (Skype or Zoom), idependently from the location of the client.

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