Since 1988 Volkhard has been working professionally with speech and writing. For several years he held the position as a business editor in charge of the special journal Metall. Later he worked as an editor in the business department of the renowned newspaper Die Welt

Parallel, he worked as a freelance author for newspapers, journals and radio stations, mainly on musical and cultural subjects.

Since 2001, Volkhard has been working as a reader and editor for publishers and other freelancers. 2007 he started to translate books from the famous English astrologer John Frawley: The Horary Textbook – Revised Edition (2016), Sports Astrology (2008), Natal Astrology (2009, not published in English), and Elections (2007, not published in English). Further, he edited the German translation of The Real Astrology Applied (2012).  Books have been published by Apprentice Books, Skandro-Verlag and arte poetica Verlag.

Working as a reader and editor, Volkhard profits from his broad range of interests and my comprehensive general knowledge. In addition he owns a distinct linguistic sensitivity and the ability to dive into different styles of writing. He always aims to bring the author's original style of writing to full brilliance and effect.





Volkhard Roeseler – Astrologer and Non-medical Practitioner 
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